I am a senior application engineer at MathWorks in the computational biology group. I am mostly interested in the intersection of biology, computation, modeling (statistical and first principle) and artifical intelligence. Before pivoting to industry, I had obtained a PhD at the University of California San Diego under the supervision of Prof. David Saintillan in computational biophysics to understand how our genome organizes inside the nucleus of a cell.

Prior to coming to UCSD, I have obtained an M.S.(Engg). degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (Bangalore, India) under the supervision of Prof. Meheboob Alam and a B.Tech. degree in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal.

I leverage interdisciplinary skills including computational biophysics, numerical analysis, algorithm development, applied mathematics, data science and high performance computing to address large scale complex biological problems.