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In preparation/submitted preprints

  • A. Mahajan, L. Scotzniovsky, M. J. Shelley and D. Saintillan (2022). Hydrodynamics induced loop extrusion of DNA.

  • C. Li, B. Chakrabarti, P. Castilla, A. Mahajan and D. Saintillan (2022). A chemomechanical model of sperm locomotion reveals two modes of swimming. BioRxiv, doi:

    Peer-reviewed articles

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  • A. Mahajan, W. Yan, A. Zidovska, D. Saintillan and M. J. Shelley (2022). Euchromatin activity enhances segregation and compaction of heterochromatin in the cell nucleus. BioRxiv (accepted PRX) , doi: (In News:,

  • A. Mahajan and D. Saintillan (2022). Self-induced hydrodynamic coil-stretch transition of active polymers. Physical Review E., doi:10.1214/22-BA1305.

  • M. Alam, A. Mahajan and D. Shivanna (2015). On Knudsen-minimum effect and temperature bimodality in a dilute granular Poiseuille flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, doi: