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Geometry-preserving Adaptive MeshER (GAMer) 2

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GAMer is a surface mesh improvement library developed to condition surface meshes derived from noisy biological imaging data. The library is written in C++ but we has a full python interface (PyGAMer). There is also a Blender addon (BlendGAMer) which enables interactive calls to GAMer mesh conditioning operations.

Colored Abstract Simplicial Complex

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CASC is a modern and header-only C++ library which provides a data structure to represent arbitrary dimension abstract simplicial complexes with user-defined classes stored directly on the simplices at each dimension. This is achieved by taking advantage of the combinatorial nature of simplicial complexes and new C++ code features such as: variadic templates and automatic function return type deduction. Essentially CASC stores the full topology of the complex according to a Hasse diagram. The representation of the topology is decoupled from interactions of user data through the use of metatemplate programming.